About Our Service

Finding great apartments for rent in NJ can be a challenge...

Reading newspapers and searching websites consumes a lot of time that you don?t have and strictly relying on private ads puts you in competition with hundreds of other would be renters. Home Hunters is the oldest and most experienced rental agency in the state, helping thousands of people find apartments for rent in NJ counties and cities. Opened in 1981, we have been here doing strictly condo, home and apartment rentals in New Jersey for 26 years. Tens of thousands of landlords and apartment managers in the New Jersey area know us because we have been here so long. They list their availabilities with us because we are free to them, we save them the high cost of advertising, and we save them hours of work by taking on the job of screening their calls for them.

What our service means to you?

Tons of listings that you can't find anywhere else. The majority of our house and apartments for rent in NJ are exclusive to Home Hunters. Find great places without the hassle or competition of hundreds of other renters. Plus we find out all the details about a rental directly from the landlord so you don't have to. We get enough detailed information so that you are not wasting your time looking at NJ apartments for rent that don?t fit your needs.

Our team of experienced workers scour...

...the entire market place from a large number of diversified sources. We work on getting new listings to you from early in the morning till late evening ensuring that you get the information on every home rental or apartment in NJ as soon as it becomes available. We don?t want you to miss anything.

All for a one time fee of $150 that is good for 4 months of searching. Adjustments or extension of time can be made based on need at no further charge. Just contact an agent directly at one of our offices.

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