Landlords List Your Rental Apartments for Free
Tired of the high cost of advertising? Overwhelmed by endless phone calls at all hours of the day and night? Home Hunters takes the pressure off! And we do it for free!

Let us take the calls for you. We prescreen and prequalify leads, so you will only receive calls from seriously interested parties. Besides, have you priced the cost of advertising to list your rental home, apartment or condo in New Jersey lately? Why pay one cent on costly advertising when we do it for free? You deal directly with prospective tenants for your property with no interference from us.

Just give us a brief description of your rental property in any city or county in New Jersey. Within 24 hours your listing will be put into our database and matched up to people looking only for your type of rental.

This is a no fee and no obligation service which can be cancelled at anytime. To list your rental simply fill out the form below.  If you have any questions please contact us by phone at (201) 693-0867 or email us at

Rent your place faster! Include photos with your listing.